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The days in the below table are commonly observed holidays, memorial days, days of awareness, and otherwise important days for people who are transgender, genderqueer, nonbinary, intersex, or members of traditional gender identities that do not fit into the Western gender binary.

Name Date Region Description
Trans Prisoner Day of Action and Solidarity 22nd January International[1]
National Transition Week The last full week (Monday - Friday) in January First observed on January 24th-28th of 2022. "This week was created to spread awareness, share information, and share personal experiences/stories about transition for transgender and nonbinary people."[2]
LGBT History Month February UK[3], Hungary[4]
Femminiello Pride[5] 2nd February Montevergine, Italy Since the thirteenth century CE, the Catholic festival of Candlemas on February 2 also honors the femminiello, a traditional gender-variant role in Italy. Pilgrims make their way to the remote mountain church at Motevergine, whose icon, the Madonna of Transformation, Mamma Schiavona, is said to have miraculously saved the lives of victims of homophobic violence in 1256 CE. The festival is celebrated with the long and energetic tammurriata dance, and a candle-lit procession, by pilgrims who are visibly gender nonconforming. Historically, this has been called juta dei femminielli. Since 2002, it has also been called Femminiello Pride.[6][5]
Transmasculine Visibility Day/Transmasculine Pride and Visibility Day 20th February Established to commemorate the ENAHT (Encontro Nacional de Homens Trans, "National Meeting of Trans Men") organized by Ibrat (Instituto Brasileiro de Transmaculinidades, "Brazilian Institute of Transmaculinities") which took place on 20 February 2015.[7][8]
Dies Sanguinis (Day of Blood) 24th March Originating in Phrygia (where Turkey is today), spreading across the ancient Roman empire, as far as Roman London From 2,300 years ago to the 6th century CE, this was celebrated by the gender-variant Gallae priests of the goddess Cybele and the god Attis. The Day of Blood was celebrated by dancing around a felled and decorated pine tree, symbolizing the death and rebirth of Attis. As part of this ritual, any new Gallae initiates would voluntarily castrate themselves, as part of transitioning to a feminine appearance.[9][10]
Trans Day of Visibility 31st March International[11]
Day of Silence Various days in April A student-led observance to take a day-long vow of silence in protest of the harassment and discrimination of LGBTQ+ people in schools.[12]
Nonbinary Parents Day 3rd Sunday in April Created by educator and nonbinary parent Johnny Blazes.[13]
National Transgender HIV Testing Day 18th April USA A day focused on HIV testing, prevention, and treatment among transgender and nonbinary people.[14][15]
Xenogender Visibility Day 15th May International First celebrated in 2021.[16][17]
International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia and Biphobia 17th May International[18]
Agender Pride Day 19th May[19][20]
LGBT History Month June Italy[21]
Queer History Month June Berlin[22]
International Nonbinary Day 14th July International[23]
LGBT History Month October USA[24]
National Nonbinary Kids Day 1st October USA First observed in 2021, started by PFLAG Jacksonville & Professor Sex.[25]
National Coming Out Day 11th October USA[26], International "National Coming Out Day was created in 1988 to commemorate the 1987 March on Washington for Gay and Lesbian Rights, which reportedly drew over 200,000 protesters to the nation's capital that Oct. 11."[27]
Cake for Trans Friends Day, or Trans Cake Day 14th October International[28][29] Established by cassolotl in 2017, who wrote that in response to how most days about trans people "involve marginalised people doing yet more work to draw attention to themselves in a dangerous environment [...] Those days can be (and always are, for me) scary and sad. [...] So I declared [this] the first annual Cake For Trans Friends Day. I ended up shortening it to Trans Cake Day [...] Basically, instead of us doing all the work, people (especially cis people, I feel!) give cake to their trans friends and family to show them how appreciated they are. There’s so much anger and violence surrounding trans people, but I think we should be celebrated and loved. [...] a bit like Mother’s Day - a birthday for every trans person to celebrate together at the same time, and be showered with goodness by people who care about us."[28]
International Pronouns Day 3rd Wednesday of October International[30] Established in 2018.[30] Ways to participate include using the #PronounsDay hashtag, telling about your pronouns on social media and on name badges, distributing leaflets, setting up a photo booth in public for people to take selfies with their pronouns, and other efforts to creatively raise awareness.[31]
Genderfluid Visibility Week Third full week of October International First observed from Oct 17-24 of 2021.[32] The dates for 2022 will be October 16-22.[33]
Intersex Awareness Day 26th October International[34] Started in 2003 by Betsy Driver and Emi Koyama.[35] October 26 is the anniversary of a protest that took place in Boston by the Intersex Society of North America.[36]
National Transgender Children Day 26th October[37]
Trans Parent Day 1st Sunday in November USA[38] Established in 2009 to celebrate "the love between transgender parents and their children and transgender children and their parents".[39]
Intersex Day of Solidarity or Intersex Day of Remembrance 8th November This date was the birthday of Herculine Barbin (also variously known as Alexina Barbin or Abel Barbin), a French intersex person whose memoirs were later published by the philosopher Michel Foucault. The event was first celebrated in 2005.[40]
Transgender Awareness Week 13th - 19th November USA "Transgender Awareness Week is a week when transgender people and their allies take action to bring attention to the community by educating the public about who transgender people are, sharing stories and experiences, and advancing advocacy around the issues of prejudice, discrimination, and violence that affect the transgender community."[41]
Transgender Rite of Ancestor Elevation 12 - 20 November International[42] A 9-day non-denominational ritual ending with the Trans Day of Remembrance, honoring the spirits of trans people past and future. Each night, participants add a book to a stack on the floor, with a cup of water and a candle, forming a memorial altar that rises taller each night. Established 2014.[42]
Trans Day of Remembrance 20th November International[43]
Gender Expansive Parents' Day 6th December Official holiday in North Carolina, USA[44] Formally created in 2020
Demigenders Awareness and Pride Day 15th December Created in 2021 by bluebolt712 to raise awareness about demigenders.[45][46]
IAmNonbinary date varies each year International Observed by using the #IAmNonbinary hashtag on social media.

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